To Spread Truth, Understanding And Hope.

God Bless Bitcoin takes a deep dive into the transformative and moral aspects of Bitcoin and the impact that this technology can have on the world.  The film also explores connections with ancient scriptures and the world’s oldest religions to show the moral case for Bitcoin.



Worldwide movie release Q4 2023

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God Bless Bitcoin asks the question:  How do we fix our broken money?  By going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, the film reveals how our current fiat system leads to immorality, discrimination, increased crime, war and enslavement.  God Bless Bitcoin seeks to prove how Bitcoin as the monetary base layer of the world will lead to morality, inclusion, safety, peace, freedom and increased human happiness.



This film features state-of-the art production of interviewees from all walks of life, from everyday people to religious leaders to world-renowned celebrities and experts.


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“The most antecipated Bitcoin film in history."

Alexa Young, CA


Behind The Scenes


Current Interviewees.

We are in the middle of production and constantly recording new interviews and adding amazing people and experts to the film.  Stay tuned for exciting additions to our cast!




We assembled a team of over 60 production and post-production professionals, artists and experts in order to bring our audience a unique and exceptional viewing experience and to tell the film’s story in an inspiring, exciting and empowering way.


Lead Team

Our production team consists of over 60 film professionals from multiple local teams in the US and abroad.  The people below are the lead team members who are managing the creation process:

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.



High-end animations and motion graphics for

maximum entertainment value!

We teamed up with some of the best animation studios in the world to create captivating, fun-to-watch, high-quality animations that not only entertain, but help educate the audience about the transformative aspects of Bitcoin.

The people behind the film

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Get to know us

This film has been a passion project for Brian and Kelly.  Brian has always been bothered that U.S. public schools do not teach students about basic finance and banking, and Kelly has spent her life educating in both public and private U.S. schools.  Together, they dreamed of creating a documentary that would not only teach financial principles, but would reach those who are traditionally left out of the financial system.  It is the forgotten middle class and those who live at the poverty level who are most damaged by the current world fiat system. A system that wages inflation so that they cannot work enough hours to provide the basics for themselves,  a system that only allows “accredited” investors to participate in building a financial portfolio that hedges against inflation, a system that purposely discriminates against all but the privileged, elite and wealthy.  In essence, it is a corrupt system that has gotten away from God’s intention of a world where all humans can use the gifts He gave them to work, support themselves and their families, as well as create value for others. Kelly has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to working in the very communities that the fiat system excludes and sees how bitcoin can give everyone the freedom to create an economic reserve for themselves and their future generations.  Brian has devoted that last ten years of his life to studying bitcoin and educating investors on its merits as the next monetary layer of the world.  This film is a way for them to unite their passions and hopefully level the playing field for those who listen and understand their message. 


Our partners

We teamed up with some of the leading organizations in the Bitcoin ecosystem to help create a film that will inspire, entertain and educate audiences all around the world for years to come.



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and help support the film

We have partnered with The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to allow you to support the movie with your donation and receive a tax deduction. The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce will provide a grant equal to 100% of your donation to support the God Bless Bitcoin movie.

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